Welcome to A5 Coaching

- where the philosophy is to live your purpose

The following 5 pillars have always underpinned every dream I’ve manifested,
and this is what I employ with my clients:


First step to living your purpose, is to acknowledge that you have a purpose in the first place and begin the journey to self-actualise* (*noun: a person's desire to use all their abilities to achieve and be everything that they possibly can. The expression is used by Maslow in his theory of human motivation)

Understanding your compelling reasons for the change you wish for and tying them to your goals and visions

The journey of lining up the ‘whole of you’ to propel you towards your purpose

’Reaching’ your goals but embracing the journey as much as the final destination

Using lessons from your present journey to embark onto your next phase whether that be another goal, a place of growth or state of being, as a more refined and evolved being

It’s the simplest way to determine if we’re the one for you.

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