What Others Have To Say:

Jade CK

Finance Professional

  • A5 is succinct and to the point and keeps tracks the progress
  • I feel that Netsanet really connects to my dreams and therefore is able to steer the conversation to my needs.


  • The sessions were a perfect blend of personal and professional coaching. 2 sessions were personal based and this was necessary given the current political climate and I am incredibly grateful for the session in which I was able to talk about how this was affecting me personally, professionally and in regards to my career aspirations.


  • My coach was able to identify and empathise with some of my struggles. My coach listened without judging and was able to provide solutions to the challenges I faced
  • Every session was tailored to my needs. As we progressed through the session different areas of need were identified.


  • Netsanet listens well and tries to know as much as possible about me before offering advice.
  • I had some professional objectives I want to achieve but in order to do so I needed to reflect on some personal habits that were holding me back. The services have helped me to address those personal habits and now I have a strong platform to focus on the professional objectives.


Netsanet is understanding, caring and intuitive. She has helped me think in a different way. Things that I thought would not be possible for me were actually to my reach. She understood my sensitivity and my way of being and tailored her coaching to fit my personality.
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